Retro Gaming and Pop Culture: 6 Things Only 90s Kids Remember

If you were a 90s kid, go ahead and rejoice. You probably already know that Nintendo is bringing back its original console in a mini version so that you can now relive your childhood, eat Fruit Loops to Saturday morning cartoons wearing 10 slap bracelets and basically forget that you have a mortgage. In honor of those of you still completely enjoying the Nintendo Classic Mini, let’s look at some of the most prevalent things that 90s kids like us remember that millennials simply don’t understand…

Carmen San Diego… The Chick Who Literally Went Everywhere

Carmen san diego Nintendo screenshots

Who was Carmen San Diego anyway and why did we care so much about where she was? Maybe a bad case of FOMO? Who knows… but, nevertheless, we all spent as much time (and money) as we could to find out. Long before Twitter, 90s kids know that Carmen San Diego sort of invented the concept of “followers.” If you watched the show, you probably also owned one of the many CD-ROM games that some schools used in efforts to get kids more interested in geography. Miss the nostalgia? Check out the hilarious Carmen San Diego/Where’s Waldo memes that pretty much sum up your childhood. You are amazing, internet… we love you.

Finish Him!

mortal kombat snes screenshots

Not only do you remember this iconic Mortal Kombat line by heart, you probably read that line back in your head in the voice of the original narrator. This wasn’t only because it was repeated during every battle, but also because the game was rather advanced in graphics for the era and it was one of the first times that made you feel like you were living in the game.

Final Boss… And Bedtime

Final Boss… And Bedtime NES Screenshot

If you were lucky enough to own the first edition of the Nintendo gaming system, you probably have plenty of terrible memories to go along with the many great ones that the system brought you over the years. Unlike today, there was no way to save your progress. Once you were dead, guess what? You were dead. If it was bedtime, that was just too bad. You would have to start all over again tomorrow. Oh, hard drives… you complete us.

Player 2… Creating Inferiority Complexes for Generations

Player 2… Creating Inferiority Complexes for Generations Screenshot

This meme is the perfect snapshot of life as a 90s id. If you were the older child in your family, you were always Mario… no exceptions. If you were the younger bro, you were Luigi and you had to go second… which could mean you wouldn’t even get to play at all if your brother was basically a video game sorcerer who never got hit by a hammer juggling turtle… not even once. What’s worse – if you had more than one sibling and you were the baby, you probably got handed the controller that wasn’t even plugged in so that you “thought” you were playing too. Sorry about that, brother #3. As the 3rd kid, we are in total belief that 4 player games were created solely by kids who came from large families. Thank you, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th kids. You are changing the world. Keep on being low-key angry about your childhood… it is paying off in spades.

At the Dawning of the Sun… They’ll Take Over the World

At the Dawning of the Sun… They’ll Take Over the World Screenshot

90s kids still like to throw around that whole “What are we going to do tonight, Pinky” bit from time to time. If it lands on the ears of another 90s kid… it will be met with an enthusiastic “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!” If you say it to anyone born closer to the millennium, however, no one will have any idea what you are talking about. They will probably even ask “Who’s Pinky?” Is this a sign we are getting old? Is it? Is it?!?!

Think Landing on the COD Leaderboard is Hard… Try This

Think Landing on the COD Leaderboard is Hard… Try This NES Screenshot

At the very ground roots of handheld gaming where these water-filled monstrosities which not only were next to impossible to beat, but also responsible for a whole lot of full-out, snot-sniffling, red-face-wearing, on-100 tantrums. If you managed to get multiple rings onto the poles, you always also managed to knock them right back off on your second try to land more rings.  Whoever created these things were just plain sadistic, but that did not stop us from trying again and again until we ultimately grew up and realized it was pointless trying.  (Truth be told, you probably still own it. You may even have become some sort of physicist for the sole purpose of showing that thing whose boss. More truth… you still can’t beat it.)

From Mega Man to Scholastic’s book fair handouts, the nostalgia of our 90s childhoods still live on every time we turn on our consoles or see that snaggle-toothed grin that so vividly resembles our own when we first discovered Pokémon and caught that “gotta catch ‘em all” bug. Even if some of us have our ow kids by now, we are still just a bunch of kids ourselves… kids who consider ourselves pretty darn lucky to have grown up in an era where pencil cases, Milky pens and Dunkaroos were second only to discovering that you got that Game Genie for Christmas.

Long live the 90s,

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